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Why Remove the Fusion Bead?

As High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) increases its market share in targeted industries, we have also seen it grow into other markets because of its superiority to legacy materials. No other material has the flexibility, longevity, or capabilities of PE - one of those, being able to remove both the internal and external fusion bead and NOT compromise the pipe’s pressure rating.

For low-grade gravity lines, removing the internal fusion bead can prevent stimulated blockage and biofilm entrapment. Because of this, bead removal is increasingly included in municipality waterworks specifications across the country.


Not just for water and sewer projects either, wind and solar farm applications are requiring bead removal to lower material costs. With the internal bead removed, smaller sized conduit pipe can be used to house the cables. 

Mining operations utilizing large diameter pipe to transport aggregate slurries, commonly remove the bead to prevent stimulated blockage and pipe wall wear due to the turbulent flow of abrasive materials.


Removing the internal and external bead is an observed and effective practice in directional drilling, pipeline pigging operations, dual containment systems, and in conduit work.


The BeadTrimmer™

BT2 (3", 4", 5", 6")
BT3 (8", 10", 12", 14", 16", 18", 20", 22", 24")

Time and field tested, our patented BeadTrimmer™ product line sets the industry standard in bead removal tooling.


Our flagship, hand-powered BeadTrimmer™ (BT2 and BT3) has been an industry leader for decades, and now, with the addition of our pneumatic Mega-Large BeadTrimmer™ (MLBT) and Universal External BeadTrimmer™ (UEBT), our complete catalog has the right tool for any thermoplastic job.

Mega-Large BeadTrimmer™

Twenty two Carbide Cutters revolving at 2,000 RPMs provide the bite for our big dog, the Mega-Large BeadTrimmer™ (MLBT).


This pneumatic, large-diameter pipe de-beading tool is the first in the industry and can remove the internal fusion bead of pipe diameters ranging from 18" to 52" ID.

ML30 BeadTrimmer™ removes internal bead in 24" to 28" ID pipe.

ML36 BeadTrimmer™ removes internal bead in 28" to 36" ID pipe.

ML54 BeadTrimmer™ removes internal bead in 36" to 52" ID pipe.

Available for rent or purchase through R&L Distributors.


Universal External BeadTrimmer™

Removes external bead on 12" to 65" pipe.

Exactly what if sounds like, the Universal External BeadTrimmer™ (UEBT) will remove external fusion beads on all pipe diameters from 12" to 65".


The UEBT is a pneumatic tool and requires an air compressor (not included) to operate the reciprocating steel chisel. It is the simplest, most effective way to remove external fusion beads, of any size.

Handle Packages

Each Handle Package includes Anodized Aluminum Torque Tubes (number and length depend on package), Torque Tube Unions and locking pins, Tee-Handle Head, and shipping/storage container.


Combine multiple handle packages to extend your reach. We've seen beads removed at over 500 feet!

For larger diameter pipes with high torque requirements and operating with BeadTrimmer™ head sizes 18"-24", we recommend adding Coupler Support Sleeves with your Handle Package. This added accessory quickly slips over Torque Tube joints to provide support and prevent damaging the Handle Package connectors.

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